2020 Conference

The IOTOD conference offers a range of exciting and interactive sessions, involving thought-provoking talks and expert-led panel discussions.

Date: 18th and 19th May 2020

Location: Steigenberger Airpot Hotel, Amsterdam


We are currently looking for sponsorship for the IOTOD 2020 conference. If you are interested in sponsoring this event then please get in touch by emailing monica@pcmscientific.com

Agenda and accreditation information coming soon!

The IOTOD experience


Measuring behavioural changes

2011 marked the year measurement of delegate behavioural changes began. These measurements showed the IOTOD conference elicited measurable significant improvements in physician behaviours over the years, which have been published in the European Journal of CME.


IOTOD’s commitment to change


Manoeuvres in the fog: drug-drug interactions in OST
Practicalities of transitioning between opioid agonist treatments
New horizons for treatment: translating the latest research into clinical practice
Tailoring behavioural interventions: emerging evidence and practical implications
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